Bygone Banter: The Love Letters to Dearest Anne

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This is a project for HIST 8885 Theory and Practice of Digital History at Georgia State University. 

My name is Lauren Ericson, and I am a public history graduate student in the Masters of Heritage Preservation program. 

The digitized letters were acquired at the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in Connecticut in 2014 for $15. 

A special thank you to Mel Stotler and Wendy Baillargeon, the family of Clifford and Anne Seger, for their support and blessing in sharing these letters. Thank you also to Dr. Alex Sayf Cummings, Dr. Kate Wilson, and my classmates of HIST 8885 for their support and advice throughout this process.

To learn more about World War II, gender, and silences in the historical record, please see the Bibliography page.

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