Bygone Banter: The Love Letters to Dearest Anne

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Letter 1A.jpg
Writes regarding Christmas presents and golfing.

Letter 3A.jpg
Writes regarding not hearing from and missing Anne.


Letter 4A.jpg
Writes regarding postal complications, visiting friends Ed and Grace (Warner), and missing Anne.


Letter 5A.jpg
Writes regarding attending parties and reminiscing about going for rides with Anne, Ed and Grace (Warner).

Letter 6A.jpg
Writes regarding recovering from sickness, the girls in England, and Anne rejecting a man named Bobby.

Letter 7A.jpg
Writes regarding friends Ed and Grace (Warner), and missing Anne but looking forward to spending more time together.


Writes regarding friends Ed and Grace Warner, planning dates for after the war, and responds to and voices doubts over their relationship.

Writes regarding lack of sleep, reminiscing about the day he said goodbye to Anne, and requesting candy be sent.

Writes regarding Easter day and riding motorcycles together at home.

Writes regarding his feelings towards Anne and the girls at a U.S.O. show.


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