Bygone Banter: The Love Letters to Dearest Anne

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Writes regarding receiving Anne's letters, requesting film, and receiving cookies from his mother.

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Writes regarding plans to see Anne when he gets home and Anne's trip to Vermont.

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Writes regarding attending mass, enjoying the outdoors and farming, square dancing, the Fourth of July, and friends from home Fred Humphreys and Helga.

Writes regarding his prior and future correspondence with Anne, his schedule to leave Fort Devens the next week, seeing the movie Marine Raiders, Anne's weight, her inability to look him in the eye, and what faults she may see in him.

Writes regarding going steady with Anne, friends Ed and Grace (Warner), motorcycle riding, Anne's relationship with his mother, requesting camera film, and receiving the Farmington Valley Herald newspaper.

Writes regarding his current station, friends and family at home, and reminiscing about the movies.

Writes regarding missing Anne, golf, baseball, friends Ed and Grace (Warner), and his parents' work on the family farm.

Writes regarding how long it has been since seeing Anne, plans for coming home, friends from home, and requesting coffee and cookies.


Writes regarding Anne seeing a doctor for a throat ailment, meeting friends downtown, and reminiscing about going for rides.

Writes regarding receiving a picture of Anne, sending her a necklace, and golfing.
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