Bygone Banter: The Love Letters to Dearest Anne

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Writes regarding missing Anne, and not visiting town or drinking.

Writes regarding receiving packages from Anne, understanding Anne's response as far as "going steady," hoping she will be single when he comes home, seeing Rainbow Island, and plans for the evening.

Writes regarding the snow at home, seeing San Francisco with Clark Gable and Eagle Squadron, keeping a picture of Anne with him always, and performing plays with Ed and Grace (Warner).

Writes regarding seeing a U.S.O. show, planning to see a stage show back home, and how he feels to have a girl back home.

Writes regarding returning to England, and seeing Anne and friends Ed and Grace (Warner) his first night home.

Writes regarding attending mass, enjoying the outdoors and farming, square dancing, the Fourth of July, and friends from home Fred Humphreys and Helga.

Writes regarding his current station, friends and family at home, and reminiscing about the movies.

Writes regarding missing Anne, golf, baseball, friends Ed and Grace (Warner), and his parents' work on the family farm.

Writes regarding Anne seeing a doctor for a throat ailment, meeting friends downtown, and reminiscing about going for rides.

Writes regarding going to town, friends Ed and Grace (Warner), and not hearing from his mother in two weeks.
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